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4th Grade

Responsibility is the key to success for the children in fourth grade.

This is the year when children progressively become more independent learners. Responsibility and accountability for self and materials are accentuated. Students are supported in a nurturing environment, full of print, and designed to enhance creative and critical thinking.

Fourth Grade Highlights include:

  • Advanced multiplication, long division and fraction concepts in math
  • Introduction to band
  • Leaning to play a recorder in music
  • Learning stitchery to create ornaments or wall hangings
  • Clay characters
  • Dr. Seuss Day with Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast
  • Science Museum field trip
  • Field trip to see a show at a Twin Cities Theatre

Meet Your Teachers


nancy sherman

Fourth grade teacher
Voicemail: 85109

Danielle McDonald

danielle mcdonald

Fourth grade teacher
Voicemail: 83537


Katlin mulsoff

Fourth grade teacher
Voicemail: 83522


katie vanderport

Fourth grade teacher
Voicemail: 83562

4th Grade Resources