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Welcome to Connections Preschool!

Young children are eager to learn and play. Connections Preschool gives children an opportunity to interact with other children in fun, engaging activities while learning important skills. The curriculum supports young children in developing skills in the following areas: creativity and the arts, language and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, physical and motor, and social and emotional. Children in Connections Preschool assume increasing personal responsibility and independence as they grow and develop.

  • Early childhood is a remarkable time of psychological, physical, social and academic development.

  • Learning is a social process where children grow through play, exploration and inquiry.

  • Families are a child's first and most influential teachers.

  • Each child has unique strengths.

  • Children thrive in a safe environment where their needs are met through mutual respect, nurturing and consistency.

  • Strong family, school and community partnerships help ensure a child's success in school.

Meet Your Teachers

Tiffany Brunner

Tiffany Brunner

ECFS Teaching Assistant
Southview Elementary
Teresa Greseth

Teresa Greseth

Speech-Language Pathologist
Echo Park Elementary, Dakota Valley Learning Center
Karen Olson

Karen Olson

Occupational Therapist
District Service Center

Cassie Schwingle

Early Childhood Teacher
Southview Elementary

Cynthia Craighead

Sp Ed Paraprofessional
Southview Elementary