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Physical Education

The physical education program at Southview provides every student the opportunity to grow through varied experiences which promote active participation and commitment to lifelong health-related fitness and wellness using enjoyable physical activity.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade are taught by a physical education specialist and all lessons and activities are success-oriented with the emphasis on self improvement and having fun.

Our goal as physical educators is to challenge students to strive toward their optimal potential. Every student is capable of reaching a healthy level of fitness and wellness which fosters positive self work and assurance. it's important that we provide learners with successful experiences in exercise and physical activities that lead to improved health related physical fitness

Student running during the APEX fun run

Students will learn why fitness is important. They will learn:

  • How their bodies work
  • How they change
  • How they can design a personal fitness program for improving and maintaining their own healthy levels of fitness.

District-wide Fitness Check

All Southview students in grades one through five participate in a district wide personal fitness assessment every fall and spring. Students are checked in the areas of :

  • Abdominal strength
  • Upper body strength and endurance
  • Flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings
  • Cardio-respiratory endurance

The emphasis of the fitness assessment is for each student to maintain or improve his/her level of physical fitness. District wide norms for each item of the assessment have been compiled and are sent home in the fall and spring progress report. The norms provide information in regard to each child's level of fitness in relationship to other students in the district.

Physical Education Attire

Tennis shoes must be worn for all physical education classes. Shoes must have laces in them or velcro shut during class activities. Please be certain the tennis shoes have non-marking soles. Students should dress in comfortable clothes and anticipate the weather outside. In the fall and spring we try to go outdoors as much as possible. If wearing a dress or skirt, shorts should be worn underneath.

Medical Excuses

Parental excuses must be given to the school nurse at the start of each day. The school nurse notifies the physical education specialists of the received excuses before classes begin that day. Excuses for more than one week should have a doctor's note. If a child's activity should be restricted or limited in any way, please inform the nurse and physical education specialist. Examples might be asthma, allergies, or broken bones.

Richard Schrick

Richard Schrick

Physical Education Teacher
Southview Elementary