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Social Worker

The goal of the elementary school social work program is to partner directly with families, educators, students and our communities to address and overcome barriers to academic achievement.

Ultimately this partnership provides the necessary support, guidance and nurturance that are essential to academic success and sound life decisions.

Elementary school social workers provide a variety of services that aim to empower both the individual student and his/her family. Interventions are driven by the belief that early detection and prevention are crucial to stable outcomes in our schools and communities.

Social workers are uniquely qualified to support clients in a variety of ways. This is achieved through ongoing professional consultation with parents, educators and administrators, which promotes a team orientated approach to maximize each child's potential

School social workers are licensed mental health professionals who are trained to provide support and intervention to children and families in times of emotional/mental health crisis. Helping to sustain and endure in times of need is an avenue in which social workers advocate for the needs of the children and families.

The elementary school social worker program addresses an array of psychological needs through the provision of individual instruction, classroom based intervention and guidance within small group settings.

Finally, the elementary school social worker program works closely with social service agencies within our communities to provide comprehensive support to families with specific needs.

Stacy Swenson

stacy Swenson

Social Worker
Voicemail: 83928

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julie campanelli

Social Worker
Voicemail: 83568