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Enrolling Your Child

For families of new fall 2023 K-12 students

Registration for families of new Fall 2023 Kindergarten - Grade 12 students begins January 1, 2023.




For families of preschool aged children, visit our connections preschool program.

The first step of the enrollment process takes place online through the Infinite Campus Online Registration system. Use one of the following pre-registration buttons to complete the first step of the enrollment process. Make sure to review ALL information on this page prior to beginning the pre-registration process for your child.

Steps to complete K-12 registration

Student Census

Census data is required to enroll your child into District 196. It also helps ensure an accurate count of district residents which is used to forecast future school attendance growth and boundary information.

If you have questions about the census form or the requested data, contact Student Information Supervisor Kim Reis at

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