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Mental Health

Schools are an ideal place for students to receive social-emotional support to deal with challenges related to stress, mental health problems, trauma, bullying, family change, and learning challenges.

School social workers and school psychologists are some of the school staff who are trained to offer mental health services and have a specific skillset to understand school systems, learning, as well as how student’s behavior and mental health impact children’s overall wellbeing and academic functioning.  While there are overlapping roles of each provider, school psychologists and social workers also have specific expertise which is outlined in further detail under the Student Services tab on the Southview Elementary website. 

A continuum of mental health supports offered in schools includes but is not limited to the following:

●      Building trusting connections with each student and their family

●      Providing small group and individualized social-emotional skill development for students

●      Direct consultation and linkage to appropriate community resources for families

●      When further supports are warranted, connecting families to school linked mental health services or other outside mental health supports

During COVID-19, here is a website for students and families to offer mental health support.  For additional information, feel free to contact the school social worker, Stacy Swenson, or the school psychologist, Michelle Thompson.



Stacy Swenson

Stacy Swenson

Social Worker
Southview Elementary, Cedar Valley Learning Center
Heidi Dummer

Heidi Dummer

Social Worker
Southview Elementary, Dakota Valley Learning Center